Faster healing to help acid attack victims

Medical scientists hope they are on the verge of a major breakthrough in the treatment of acid attack victims. Researchers at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham have designed an anti-scarring membrane that they believe will have a “huge impact” on the appearance of those who have suffered severe burns. Wounds that do not heal after […]

Electrical stimulation improves paralyzed patients’ function

Nearly 282,000 people in the U.S. live with paralysis following a spinal cord injury (SCI). A review of more than 90 studies found that electrical stimulation may help restore function in those paralyzed after SCI. The article is published in Physiology. SCI can cause paralysis in the arms, legs or both, limiting physiological functions such as […]

Children undergoing CT scans for head injuries at risk for radiation overexposure

Children brought to the ER for head injuries may be at risk right there for another serious issue – overexposure to radiation from CT scans. That’s why the N.J. Council of Children’s Hospitals and the Institute for Quality and Patient Safety at the New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHA) have teamed up to form the Safe […]

The 3-D selfie is here

Computer scientists at the University of Nottingham and Kingston University have solved a complex problem that has, until now, defeated experts in vision and graphics research. They have developed technology capable of producing 3D facial reconstruction from a single 2D image – the 3D selfie. Their new web app allows people to upload a single colour image […]

The power of plastic surgery: Dramatic photographs reveal first-ever facial reconstructions of British soldiers’ horrifically injured during WWI

They found themselves embroiled in a horrific bloodbath as they fought in the trenches during World War I. Now new photographs have emerged that reveal the horrific facial injuries sustained during battle by brave soldiers – and their astonishing transformations following plastic surgery. The incredible black and white images have been released in a new book charting […]

Asterias Announces Two Significant Developments for Spinal Cord Injury Program

67% of Cohort 2 subjects have recovered two or more motor levels on at least one side through 12 months AST-OPC1 receives Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy (RMAT) designation from FDA FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 02, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Asterias Biotherapeutics, Inc. (NYSE American:AST), a biotechnology company pioneering the field of regenerative medicine, today announced new […]

Tetraplegic man ascends Snowdon and raises thousands for spinal injury charity

A TETRAPLEGIC Grasmere man has raised thousands of pounds for a spinal injury charity by ascending Snowdon with the help of friends and a specially adapted chair. Will Clark took on the challenge for Back-Up Trust, who helped him after he was paralysed in a cycling accident. His effort, which he called ‘Get Will Up […]

Brain Stimulation Reduces Spasticity after Spinal Cord Injury

A new study claims that excitatory intermittent theta burst stimulation (iTBS) is successful in reducing spasticity in patients with spinal cord injury (SCI). Researchers at Paracelsus Medical University (Salzburg, Austria), the University of Verona (Italy), and other institutions conducted a study to investigate if iTBS, a safe, non-invasive and well-tolerated protocol of excitatory repetitive transcranial […]

Serious head injuries nearly double your risk of dementia

Serious head injuries nearly double a person’s risk of developing dementia. That’s the message from an analysis of over 40,000 people who sustained some kind of head injury between 1986 and 2014. Half the people in the study had moderate-to-severe head injuries, which cause lesions in the brain and require a person to stay in […]

Here’s the basic pitch from the surgeon who wants to perform first ever head transplant

Dr Sergio Canavero, the Italian surgeon who wants to perform the first head transplant as soon as 2017, pitched his plan to American doctors on Friday, Reuters reports. It was in Annapolis, Maryland, accompanied by Valery Spiridonov, the Russian man suffering from spinal muscular atrophy who volunteered to be the first person to undergo the surgery, that Canavero pitched the […]