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Eye and orbit

Cervical spine

Front of the neck

Ear and Temporal Bone

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Here are just a few examples in this site

Jaguar Attack on a Child: Case Report and Literature Review West J Emerg Med.

Wild Boar Inflicted Human Injury.

Gunshot-caused Facial Injury Combined with Lower Cervical Spine Injury: A Case Report

Unusual case of life threatening subcutaneous hemorrhage in a blunt trauma patient

Management of Late Post-traumatic Facial Artery Pseudoaneurysmal Cyst: Review of Literature

Delayed presentation of a penetrating neck injury: diagnostic and management difficulties with retained organic material

Delayed presentation of a carotid pseudoaneurysm following penetrating neck trauma

Pseudoaneurysm of the Common Carotid Artery in an Infant due to Swallowed Fish Bone

Traumatic Pseudoaneurysms of the Common Carotid and Vertebral Artery in a Four-Year-Old Child

Endovascular repair of giant traumatic pseudo-aneurysm of the common carotid artery

Managing a wooden foreign body in the neck

Traumatic bilateral carotid artery dissection following severe blunt trauma: a case report on the difficulties in diagnosis and therapy of an often overlooked life-threatening injury